Prada - Paradoxe Intense Eau de Parfum Spray
Paradoxe Intense Eau de Parfum Spray

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NEVER THE SAME, ALWAYS MYSELF. The unexpected interplay of delicateness and strength lies at the core of Prada collections that perpetually seek to challenge expectations and norms. Prada Paradoxe Intense explores typical characteristics of femininity: softness, sensuality and fragility, reinterpreting these codes to propose new meanings for a woman who is never the same, yet always herself. It is an embodiment of undefinable femininity that subverts expectations and imbues them with unexpected intensity. THE PARADOXICAL INTENSITY OF DELICATE INGREDIENTS Paradoxe Intense is a scent with undeniable potency for a powerfully enigmatic expression of femininity. Facets from the original fragrance are amplified to obtain a saturation of olfactory sensations with ingredients typically assigned to delicate scents rendered with new intensity. True to the creative spirit of the brand and under the direction of Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons, the fragrance was crafted by Givaudan Master Perfumers Nadège Le Garlantezec, Shyamala Maisondieu and Antoine Maisondieu to reconcile intensity and delicacy. The intensification of florality with the Jasmine superinfusion, for an exceptional aura. The intensification of sensuality with AmbrofixTM, resulting from biotechnology, made even more vibrant. The intensification of a captivating woody addiction with a bold and powerful Moss accord. THE ICONIC TRIANGLE REINVENTED It is the nature of a paradox to question, to bring together a contradiction of elements to reveal a profound truth. Building on the iconic foundations of the franchise, Prada Paradoxe Intense is a name that is delicate in essence and powerful in execution. Within is an intention to reconsider and reconstruct expectations of femininity. Like the original fragrance, its renewed bottle is an expression of the House’s essence of reinvention; constant, inquisitive dialogue and predilection for contrasts. In a shift from traditional perfume bottle architecture, the flacon is minimal and delicate at first glance, inspired by the original iconic Prada triangle logo disruptively designed to rest on its side. The accents of the intense black logo are presented on a deep pink hue that suggests the intensity of the fragrance. The bottle is finished with ‘Paradoxe Intense’ on the bottle’s top chamfer. In a similar evolution, the Prada Paradoxe Intense outer box is etched to echo the brand’s signature Saffiano leather cross-hatching. An interplay of the fragrance’s deep pink hue and a semi-shine, intense black unite in the Prada logo, partially obscured by the white Intense label - a symbol of the brand’s nod to this radical new expression of femininity. PRADA PARADOXE: RECONCILING CREATIVITY AND RESPONSIBILITY The new packaging is recyclable, including boxes and bottles. The glass bottles have been designed to limit their weight and use of glass, and boxes are FSC™ MIX certified ensuring a more sustainable choice of paper and paperboard. The entire franchise range is refillable, allowing for less packaging material. A single 50ml bottle of Prada Paradoxe Intense and a 100ml refill helps avoid the use of 40% less materials in total as opposed to three 50ml bottles of Prada Paradoxe Intense. This includes 29% of glass, 67% of metals, 46% of plastics and 39% of cardboard.

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